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Who is the RRevolution

Who is the RRevolution

A new lifestyle that is here to stay

When we see the disaster that we are bringing to the planet with our daily actions caused by a lack of awareness of environmental values ​​(and our habits of life and consumption), RRevolution is the only word that fits to describe the change that we must do. A name that gives off energy and initiative to achieve the objectives without staying halfway.

Although it is true that the Plogging movement is global today, in Spain we want to go one step further. To do this, we will promote sport and care for the environment at all levels, reaching companies, schools, universities, hotels and, of course, any citizen that wants to join. 

So we can summarize the #RRevolution movement as:
- All those actions that lead to strengthening our body and health (promoting any type of sport and a healthy and sustainable diet).

- All those actions that allow taking care of the environment and the planet (improve consumption habits, recycle at home, raise awareness among our friends and colleagues ...).

How and why participate

How and why participate

We have several types of participation

To carry out this #RRevolution, we have launched initiatives such as:

- Plogging events linking sport to waste collection including physical activities of all kinds and for all ages and levels (gymkhanas, walks, traditional games, crossfit, ...).

- Talks in schools to increase the level of awareness of the youngest.

- Extracurricular activities aimed at children and parents looking for fun in learning, enjoying contact with nature and sports benefits.

- An online store that allows more sustainable consumption through an exclusive selection of organic products and CO2-free shipping.

- Collaborations with other groups in activities such as solidarity marches and reforestation